【IPAチャンネル】Cheap Yen Deal, 18% Discount ! Freehold Land & New Multifamily in Tokyo’s top location (Akasaka)

My business in Japan is very exciting these days, because of falling Japanese currency against USD and all other major currencies. 1 USD converted just over 110 Yen in the beginning of this year, and now it converts 130 Yen, which is roughly 18% change in just 4 months. In other words, Japanese properties are 18 % cheaper when converted to USD.

I have one great apartment to sell, this is very prime 3A location in Tokyo. It is just a 2 minute walk from Akasaka Sacas, 4 minute walk from Akasaka subway station.

Notable facts
– This is landed property. Free-hold title.
– The building is brand-new, just built in February 2022.
– This is multifamily apartments with 9 units, 3 story building.
– The current rent is 17.75 million yen per year
– The owner accept offers over 450 million yen
– If you place offer at 450 million yen, the gross return is 3.94%, roughly 4%

It was 4.05 Million USD in January 2022. But now the price is just 3.46 Million USD. You enjoy a discount of 590,000 USD just because of the exchange rate!

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