【IPAチャンネル】Let’s shop around Japanese properties. Now the Yen is 20-year low!(鈴木ソロ動画)

Now the Japanese Yen is at the 20 year low against US dollars and many other currencies. The currency is now cheaper by 10-15 percent compared with the beginning of this year.

The Japanese property market, especially in the Greater Tokyo area, is solid and the property value is gradually increasing near the city center of stations. But when it converts to your currency, the price is generally cheaper by 10-15 percent. For example, a nice 2-3 bedroom apartment in Tokyo’s city center used to be priced 1M USD just a couple of months ago, and it dropped to 850 – 900K USD just because of the exchange rate! What a steal!

We highlight 3 properties in the video

– Tokyo small studio $108,000 (was $125,000)
– Tokyo decent size studio $222,000 (was $259,000)
-Osaka CBD 2 bedroom apartment $467,000 (was $543,000)

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