Company name:International Property Agent Inc.

Establish date:1 November 2017

Headquarter:5F, 10-8 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1020082 Japan


Vice President:Manabu SUZUKI

Business type:Real estate investment consulting and broking

Corporate Philosophy

1. We carefully choose world’s best property investment/business opportunities for Japanese customers. We are their partner to help them get sound profit.

2. We research world property market and investment methodologies, share our knowledge to help the Japanese to be more effective and investment-savvy.

IPA’s area-selection framework-1

 We offer investment opportunities based on the criteria.

Safe (Lower risk) countries/regions
・Mature laws and regulations to guarantee property rights
・Availability of market data
・Building quality assurance, inspection systems.
・Availability of professional PM services
・Less geopolitical/natural risks
・Availability of 2nd hand property market and financing service

Profitable properties
・GDP and population growth
・Capital growth opportunities
・Rental demand and profitability
・Purchase timing, Ho to source properties
・Competitive costs of purchasing, ownership and selling

IPA’s area-selection framework-2

 We usually recommend properties in developed world.

IPA’s service area

・We can offer properties everywhere in the world. At this stage, we prioritize the following areas.
・Primary importance:USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia
・Secondary importance : NZ, Spain, Portugal, ASEAN

Recommended properties-1) Germany

 This is the most popular one among our customers

・2nd hand residential properties in NRW state of Germany, near Dusseldorf.
・Units are very cheap, from €30K
・Multi family homes starts from €200K~. We have larger ones more than €1M
・NET rental return is 7~8%。
・Local finance possible, up to LTV=50%

Recommended properties-2) Florida USA

 New residential buildings in Cape Coral, Florida

・Top population growth area in US
・We offer 4 bed new homes suitable for renting. Prices from lower$200K
・We can rent it for $1600~1700/month. Net rental return 6.5%
・Buy and hold is recommended, try to exit in 5 years with capital gains.
・Local finance possible, up to LTV=70%